In October 2015, a group of banks and investors released the Positive Impact Manifesto, calling for a new financing approach for sustainable development.

The Manifesto makes clear that bridging the funding gap for sustainable development and the attainment of the SDGs requires a new, impact-based approach, based on a holistic consideration of the three pillars of sustainable development. It outlines a Roadmap towards the achievement of SDG financing, which focuses on two core needs:

  • Positive Impact Financial Products and Services: a common framework is needed to help the finance community and a broader set of public and private stakeholders identify, assess and promote positive impact activities, entities and projects. To this effect, the Principles for Positive Impact Finance were launched on January 30th, 2017 in Paris.
  • Positive Impact Programmes: a collaborative, solution-building approach is needed between the public and private sectors. By issuing impact-based requests for proposals, the public sector can catalyse the development of the new, impact-based business models and financing approaches that will help address the SDG funding gap and realize the SDGs themselves.

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March 2018