FirstRand Group Limited


South Africa
Africa & Middle East

Date joined:18 June, 2010

Company Profile
FirstRand is one of the largest financial institutions in South Africa and represents a very different proposition to its peers in that it is the only fully integrated financial services group in South Africa. It employs approximately 44 000 people.
The FirstRand Group is a collection of businesses in all sectors that make up the financial services sector in South Africa (e.g. retail banking, investment banking, asset finance, asset management, life insurance, short term insurance), which means that both the nature of the businesses and the dynamics of markets in which they operate are unique.
Following the success of its growth strategy in South Africa, FirstRand now occupies a dominant position in the South African market. We believe that there is still significant growth potential in South Africa in many of the major markets in which our diversified portfolio of businesses are active. FirstRand has a preference for emerging markets because we believe our strengths can be translated into the biggest opportunities at an acceptable level of risk. FirstRand’s primary growth markets are Africa, India and Brazil.
FirstRand and Sustainability
FirstRand has adopted the international best practice environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework for identifying, monitoring and managing material sustainability and stakeholder issues. On the basis of this framework and after consultation with international best practice guidelines we have put in place an enterprise-wide Environmental Social Governance (ESG) risk profile and non financial reporting processes supporting the management of these risks and provision of management information in respect of sustainability and stakeholder performance
FirstRand’s Environmental forum sets strategic objectives for climate change, environmental management, emission reduction targets, public policy engagement and external communications and coordinates the realization of these objectives. These strategic objectives related to climate change are aligned with the overall FirstRand business and sustainability strategy.
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