Bangkok Insurance Public Company Ltd


Asia Pacific

Date joined:6 October, 2004

Company Profile
Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited is determined to excel in the business of non-life insurance through forming a strong and efficient team, establishing trust and a close relationship with customers, shareholders, business partners. The company is committed to fostering customer satisfaction and confidence by providing excellent service and a comprehensive range of insurance policies that keep abreast of economic growth and technological development.

Bangkok Insurance Public Company & CSR
As a leading Thai business institution, Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited has long followed the policy of contributing to society through a range of activities with an emphasis on education, development and healthcare. The company was the first insurance company in Thailand and in the region to be granted the ISO 9002 Certificate of International Quality Standards on motor service from Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) in March 4, 1997 and for all classes in May 11, 2000. The company again was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate in all classes of Non-Life Insurance in August 30, 2002 from BVQI, under the authority of UKAS, the quality management institute. Bangkok Insurance Public Company joined UNEP FI in 23 November 1995.

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