Sustainability in the financial world: where are we and where do we go? A look at Chile & Latin America

8 March 2017 | Santiago, Chile

UNEP FI partnered with CLG Chile, Bolsa Comercio Santiago, Cámara Chileno-Británica, Facultad Economía y Negocios Universidad de Chile, British Embassy Santiago, and MEXICO2 on an event that discussed sustainable finance in Chile and Latin America including a discussion of sustainable development and capital markets, and the role of green bonds in the transition to a lower carbon economy.

Please find the complete agenda .

Presentations (in Spanish): 

Bolsa Comercio Santiago

Claudia Sotelo, Subgerente de Productos Negociación

Presentación  Plataforma de Mercados Ambientales, MÉXICO2 de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores,

Alba Aguilar Priego, Directora Nuevos Mercados

Presentación UNEP FI
Carolina López García, Representante en Chile



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